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All Burning Bush Software products offer Trial uses. These trials are intended to show that the software can do as published. Once a trial expires you cannot try that software on the same PC again. Once satisfied please purchase an activation code to activate your software to use as often as you would like.

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    (7.89 Mb)

    BIF Video File Creator 2 - ver 1.0
      Batch Processing
    Create BIF Files to enable Roku's Trick Mode Indexing.


    (.17 Mb)

    Chaneru Server Installer - ver 1.0
    FREE 32/64-bit
    This tool automates installing Chaneru Server on your PC


    (15.9 Mb)

    PDF Simple Scaler - ver 1.0
    Batch Processing
    This tool allows for scaling of PDF's quickly. A must have for Repro Shops or for preparing files to submit to Repro Shops